Here are five fantasy football gifts each dad wants after Father’s Day.

The best things in life start with the letter F. Food, football, fantasy football and fathers (family in general) are just a few. Together they make football.

In honor of Father’s Day, here are five lucky breaks that each dad wants for the 2017 fantasy football season.

1. A Megatron Return

Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch came out of retirement this year when he signed with the Oakland Raiders. Could Calvin “Megatron” Johnson do the same? Of course he could! But that doesn’t he will.

As much as we’d like to see him play and guide fantasy teams to victory, Johnson appears quite happy and content in retirement as he enjoys more family time, celebrates his first wedding anniversary,Ezekiel Elliott Jersey works on completing his degree and furthering his post-NFL career. A Megatron comeback on the gridiron is unlikely, but never say never.

2. Salsa Dancing

Speaking of returns, a Victor Cruz return would be great. A full return that is. Cruz made clutch plays last season,Dez Bryant Jersey including scoring a touchdown in Week 1 against the Dallas Cowboys and dancing on the star. However, playing on the outside was out of the slot receiver’s comfort zone. His numbers reflected that.

It’d be great to see elite play from him this season. Better yet, it’d be great to see elite play, touchdowns,Jason Witten Jersey and the best of all, the return of his salsa dancing. Don’t bet on it since he’s out of New York and now with the Chicago Bears, but dads are guaranteed to like a Cruz comeback story if it were to happen.

3. No Beef, Just Clickin’

Odell Beckham Jr.; there’s no denying he’s talented — extremely talented.Sean Lee Jersey Thus far, he’s been a huge asset to the New York Giants and fantasy football leagues worldwide. However, he’s also hindered the success of teams and his self with some of his antics.


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